AB 83 CoAuthor Project

Can you help us get foreign money out of California elections?

US Code clearly prohibits foreign money in US elections.  Citizens United v FEC opened our elections to foreign money and influence through foreign investors who now hold over 40% of all shares in US corporations.  The result has been precisely what our founders feared.

We need your help to pass AB 83: The Get Foreign Money Out of California Elections Act

To pass AB 83 we need to get as much legislative support as possible, that is why we are counting on YOU to help let your CA Legislator know about this important bill.  Bills only make it all the way through to becoming law if they pass all the hurdles along the way. 

So right now, take a minute to look up your Assemblymember and Senator and call their office.

Bugging them really works.  That is how they know that their constituents care about this bill!

Here is where you find out who represents you: https://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/


And this is what you say:

I’m _________ and I’m calling from Assemblymember or Senator _______’s District.  I’m calling today because U.S. Election Law is CLEAR – there should be NO FOREIGN MONEY IN OUR ELECTIONS.

However, the Supreme Court Citizens’ United decision created a giant loophole allowing FOREIGN money into US elections through foreign investments in US Corporations.  Did you know that foreigner investors own more than 40% of shares of US corporations?

By passing AB 83 – The Get Foreign Money out of California Elections Act, we can close that loophole.

Can I count on Assemblymember _______ or Senator _________ to co-author this bill?

Thank you for your time.



It is one thing to hear from constituents, and it is even more impactful to meet in person.  That is why we are organizing lobbying days in Sacramento on March 8, 9 and 10th

Let us know if you want to join us!