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Thank you for your donation to Overturn Citizens United, Yes on 59.  We've worked hard for the chance to vote in California to move the nation towards a 28th Amendment and your support makes it possible for us to expand our capacity to reach California voters.

We're looking forward to working together to create a strong and meaning filled campaign leading to a resounding victory on Election Day.

If you want to get more involved please email me and I'll be happy to put your talents to use in our YES ON PROP 59 Campaign.

Again, we deeply appreciate your support.



Holly Mosher

Outreach Director

Overturn Citizens United, Yes on 59

PS. Below is your personal recruiter link.  You can copy and share this link via social media to recruit friends and family to VOTE YES ON 59!  Telling friends and family why you support Prop 59 - The Overturn Citizens United Act is the most powerful way to get others to VOTE YES ON 59!

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