Endorse AB 20

Organizations and individuals can endorse AB 20. 

Please submit your AB 20 support letter via the official CA legislative portal.  https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/


Sample Support Letter

April 1, 2021


The Honorable Alex Lee    

Member of the California State Assembly

California State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814


Re: Support for AB 20 (Lee): Corporate-Free Elections Act

Dear Assemblymember Lee:

[Name of organization] is writing in strong support of AB 20, which conforms state law with federal law by prohibiting business entities and corporations from contributing to any candidates running for elective office in California. Current campaign finance laws allow for great potential to manipulate the interests and priorities of elected officials and candidates, such that they do not align with the will of their constituents or the people of California.

Each year, business entities contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to campaigns across California, polluting our democracy and prioritizing profits over people. Corporations are already barred from making direct contributions to candidates for federal office. However, the Clean Money Act would go a step further and prohibit business entities from contributing to any elected official’s campaign. In turn, this would make candidates more accountable to their communities.

This bill aims to rectify the undue influence that corporations have had in our democracy since Citizens United. With deepening income inequality and wealthy people afforded more political influence, it is imperative we commit to our values that every person has an equal voice in the political process by addressing its systemic inequities.

AB 20 empowers everyday Californians and challenges the growing influence corporations have long enjoyed in our elections. For all of these reasons, [organization] supports the Corporate-Free Elections Act.