CalPERS Divest Campaign

UPDATE: CalPERS is no longer invested in the CIM III Fund which included in its portfolio the Trump Soho property.

California money is no longer going into Donald Trump's pockets via California's Public Employees Retirement Fund and is therefore not further abetting President Trump's violations of the Emoluments Clause of The U.S. Constitution.

California Congressman Ted Lieu (CD 33) wrote letters to the board of CalPERS, the California Public Employees Retirement System, urging them to divest from the CIM III Fund.   We thank Congressman Lieu for his actions.  Click Here to read his letter and see who else signed on.

Thanks too to the MOVI community for amplifying this issue and working to achieve this result.

For a fuller explanation of the issue and how it was resolved, here's an interview with Free Speech For People's Senior Counsel Shanna Cleveland. Shanna, with whom MOVI works closely on a range of constitutional issues, spearheaded this action.