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The underlying idea of a representative democracy is that the people elect fellow citizens to represent their interests in whatever governing body the citizen candidates seek to join.

A Voter Instruction like Prop 59 is the tool voters have to directly express their will on policy. (Article 1, section 3(a) of the California Constitution guarantees “the right to instruct their representatives” to Californians.)

While we cannot force our elected representatives to follow our instruction, we can get them on the record declaring whether they intend to follow their constituents’ instruction or not.

The Candidate Pledge for Prop 59 is our opportunity to give Prop 59 teeth and a future.

If your district’s representatives do not follow your district’s instruction office holders can be held to account in their next election and more forcefully lobbied between now and then.

Will you Adopt Your Candidates today?

The more the merrier.  Volume counts. The more calls, emails and in person requests made the greater the likelihood the candidates will respond to the pledge.

Sign up to adopt you Congressional district, your CA Senate District*, your CA Assembly District – pick one or all three.  And of course, ALL OF US CAN ADOPT OUR TWO U.S. Senate candidates.

We’ll be cataloging and keeping an online list of who has signed and who has not so California voters will know who among those seeking to represent our interests supports real reform and who does not.

And if you can arrange to be present at the moment when your candidate signs the pledge, TAKE A PHOTO, and send it to us! email to [email protected]

 Thank you for Adopting Your Candidates!

*This is an off election for half of the CA State Senate, but those 20 Senators should also sign the pledge.  Sen. Ben Allen, lead author of Prop 59 was the first of these to sign – there are 19 more!

Let's get started!

Download Pledge form and find your districts:

  • Download our Candidate Pledge form here.  For your convenience, we have included all possible candidate/office holder options on one sheet
  • If you don’t already know your U.S. Congressional district you can find it here and you can find your State Assembly and Senate Districts here

Adopt-Your-Candidate Google Doc

  • Once you know your districts, click here to access the Google Doc that lists all the candidates for each office. 
  • You can find your candidates for your congressional and state legislative districts by clicking on the appropriate tab at bottom of the spreadsheet
  • Enter your name in the “Volunteer” column next to the candidate you are adopting.
  • Once you have contacted your candidate:
    • Enter date request was made in the appropriate column
    • Enter date candidate signed pledge or date candidate refused to sign
    • If candidate does not reply to your request within a week, please check the “no reply” box

Contact Your Candidates to ask them to sign pledge

  • You can contact your candidates at events or in their offices or send them an email with the pledge attached.
    • If emailing candidate, here is a sample cover letter you can use.
    • If you are able to have them sign in person, snap a photo of the event so we can post to social media.  Email to [email protected]
  • Please reach out to all candidates running for each office (in a few cases there are 3).
  • Have the candidate you are reaching out to sign under the section that pertains to his/her office.

Signed Pledge