SB 254 Elections and Redistricting Committee Hearing

SB 254, The "New" Overturn Citizens United Act has its first hearing on Wednesday April 27th @ 9am, State Capitol, room 444, in the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee.

You can FAX every member of this committee now with the message:

"I want to vote to overturn the disastrous Citizens United ruling. America needs to talk about this now and everyone in America knows it. Let the People Vote. Pass SB 254."

(We have the extraordinary Pen and The Peace Team to thank for this exceptional tool that will send your message to the Capitol office and the district office of all seven members of the E&R Committee.)

The outcome of this hearing is uncertain.  One Democratic committee member is even "officially undecided" and has said he will decide how to vote in the Wednesday morning hearing.  We need to show up to help him make up his mind!  RSVP for the Hearing here.

And you can fax him now!

Can you be in Sacramento for the 9am Wednesday hearing?   RSVP here.   We know it's early, but we need to be there.  We will meet at 8:45 in the 4th floor atrium right outside room 444.  Each of us will have the opportunity to offer what's called a "me too" at the microphone in support of passing SB 254.

Our three year quest to VOTE to Overturn Citizens United could end on Wednesday without an outpouring of citizen action.  Please don't let that happen. 


And if you live in or near San Diego, (Weber,)  Costa Mesa, (Harper,) Huntington Beach, (T. Allen,) Los Altos, (Gordon,) Cupertino, (Low,) San Mateo, (Mullin,) or Van Nuys, (Nazarian,) one of the E&R members may be your Assembly Member.  Find out here, and if you are a constituent your calls and emails will be particularly meaningful.

We might have expected that after the CA Supreme Court "put a stick in the Legislature's eye" as one Capitol staffer described it to us, the Legislature would be sufficiently motivated to at least stick up for themselves without a massive outpouring of citizen action, but unfortunately those expectations would be wrong.  

Your representatives need to hear from you today.  Tell them we've earned the right to Vote to Overturn Citizens United.

And if can possibly be in Sacramento next Wednesday morning for the E&R Hearing RSVP here.

Thank you for defending democracy today!

April 27, 2016 at 9pm - April 28, 2016
California State Capitol Room 444
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