SB 254 Campaign

May 4th, 2016

SB 254, The New Overturn Citizens United Act passed out of Assembly Appropriations this morning.

The bill will now be scheduled for an Assembly floor vote.  Check back here in the coming days for the date of that vote.

SB 254 will need 41 votes in the Assembly to pass and move to the CA Senate.

We will again be faxing, phoning and emailing our representatives asking for their "aye" votes.

Thousands of Californians have made their voices heard in this campaign.  Can you add yours?

If you don't know who represents you in the CA Assembly or you don't have their website handy click here.  Enter your address to find a clickable link to the websites and contact information for your Assembly Member.

We are one big step closer to the ballot!



April 27, 2016


SB 254 passed out of the Elections & Redistricting Committee. 


Your activism made the difference!

We'll have more details soon...


Please sign our petition for SB 254 - The New Overturn Citizens United Act


March 28, 2016

This will be a busy week.

The start:

Today the campaign to load co-authors on to SB 254, The New Overturn Citizens United Act, begins. 

Every member of the California Legislature should sign on to this bill.  SB 254 reinstates a lawfully passed bill, a constitutionally protected "right to instruct" ballot measure originally passed by the CA Legislature in 2014. 

California voters would have had their say in 2014 if the CA Supreme Court had not defied all their own precedents and altered their legal standard (this is so unusual) in order to remove Proposition 49, The Overturn Citizens United Act, from the November 2014 California ballot (they voted 5 to 1 to remove.) This was unprecedented and as it turns out, spectacularly wrong. 

A year and a half after the August 11, 2014 removal, the Court decided (6 to 1) that Prop 49 was always legitimate.  Then, instead of placing the Overturn Citizens United Act on the 2016 ballot, the logical and just remedy (it's called "reforming the date" and they do it all the time, but notably not this time,) the Court said the legislature could pass another bill instead.

Not only have California voters been denied their franchise twice by a reckless CA Supreme Court , but the urgency for America to have a grown-up discussion about the country we're creating (and its impact on the world) is writ larger every day.

Please call your CA representatives today. 

If you don't know who represents you or you don't have their website handy click here.  Enter your address to find a clickable link to the websites and contact info of your State Senator and Assembly Member.  

Call or email - or call and email.  Tell them to sign on as a co-author to  SB 254, The New Overturn Citizens United Act.

Every California Legislator has received a letter from Sen. Ben Allen to co-author his bill, SB 254. 

Co-authors so far are Senators. Mark Leno, Loni Hancock, Hannah-Beth Jackson, Bob Wieckowski and Bill Monning (If one of these is your rep a call of support is always welcomed - and none of these co-authors' districts has an Assembly co-author, so if you're only making one call, call the Assembly!)

The more co-authors on the bill the harder it becomes for Governor Jerry Brown to deny Californians the right to speak and vote and instruct our representatives to pass a 28th Amendment.  (You may remember that our Governor was not a fan of SB 1272, the original Overturn Citizens United Act, and allowed it "to go to the ballot without [his] signature." 

Click here to find your legislators.

These calls will be critical to building the momentum we''ll need raise California's voice demanding that the people of America determine the policies and priorities of Americans.


March 2, 2016

The California Supreme Court's shameful behavior has left California voters disenfranchised again in 2016!  

Now the California Legislature must act swiftly to enfranchised the California Voters whom the Court, by its unprecedented interference in a legitimate election, has repeatedly harmed.

Call your CA Legislators today.  Tell them to pass a new bill.  Tell them Californians want to VOTE to Overturn Citizens United this November.  (Find your legislators here)

Last Wednesday the Court denied the Legislature's and the Restore 49 partners' writ to place Prop 49, The Overturn Citizens United Act directly onto the November 2016 ballot.

When the Court's 6 to 1 ruling on January 4th affirmed that Prop 49 was always legitimate MOVI, our Restore 49 partners and the California Legislature joined in an effort to urge the Court to do justice, clean up the mess they made and simply "reform the date" as the Court routinely does in cases when the Court's process extends beyond the implementation date of the law being challenged.  The Court declined.

The only way The Overturn Citizens United Act will be on the November 2016 California ballot is if we act now, as we did in 2014, to show the CA Legislature by overwhelming citizen participation that voting to overturn Citizens United is a priority for California Voters and it should become a priority for the legislators who represent us.

Call your CA Assembly Member and Senator now.  Tell them to make placing a November 2016 Voter Instruction ballot measure to overturn Citizens United a priority.

This will be another long campaign, like the one MOVI led in 2014.  It is extremely frustrating to be forced by an unjust ruling to do exactly what we did before, but we must.  All of us will need to act again and again.  I hope we can count on your support throughout.  The first step begins today.  

Your CA Legislators need to hear from you.  Tell them to Let The People Vote!

There will be in person actions in Sacramento and we'll let you know about those dates as they develop.  The important thing you can do right now is call the legislature.

We are very sorry to have to report this injustice, but we shouldn't forget the degree to which the California Supreme Court misbehaved, turned precedent on its head, altered their own legal standard and otherwise turned itself inside out to keep the people of California from VOTING to overturn Citizens United.  We cannot allow those who would silence us to win.

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