SB 254 Senate Vote

The "New" Overturn Citizens United Act will have its final vote in the California Legislature on the Senate floor next Friday, May 27th.   Can you come to Sacrament in support of this historic vote?

We want our CA Senate representatives to see an outpouring of public support for passing SB 254 and advancing The "New" Overturn Citizens United Act to the Governor's desk and onto the ballot.  We will be in the gallery keeping a close eye on the proceddings

If the Senate passes SB 254 we will also be delivering a letter to the Governor urgin him to sign the bill into law, finally giving California voters the opportunity to Vote to overturn Citizens United.

In the coming week we will be email and calling our CA Senators, again with the help of California Clean Money Campaign and Trent Lange.  Please look for those emails starting on Monday.

We also hope, depending upon where SB 254 is placed on the Senate Agenda for the day, to begin our internal grassroots conversations about how to overwhelmingly pass The Overturn Citizens United Act in November and maximize California's ability to advance our ultimate goal, a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution.

RSVP here to join us in Sacramento next Friday

Governor Brown will have 12 days from the time SB 254 reaches his desk to act on the bill.  He can sign, or veto, or allow the bill to go to the ballot without his signature, which is the route he chose with 2014's SB 1272.  We'd like him to sign it this time. 

We will be flooding his inbox with emails starting as soon as we know the bill is coming his way.  When the Governor returns from the Memorial Day Holiday we want to have thousands of messages from California voters queued up for him.  

We are also beginning to collect faxes to the Governor now in anticipation of a positive outcome on the Senate floor.  Once the Senate passes SB 254, and the Memorial Day holiday is over, our friends at The Peace Team we will begin to release those faxes.  That will be on Tuesday May 31st.  Please create your fax to the Governor now.

And join us in Sacramento next Friday.  This will be our last action in CA Legislature for this bill!  Please come and show your support.

May 27, 2016 at 9am - 12pm
California State Capitol
Michele Sutter ·

Will you come?

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