Money Out Voters In - Santa Barbara Chapter

Money Out / Voters In - Santa Barbara is pleased to be the first MOVI chapter outside of Los Angeles. 


MOVI is the sponsor of the voter instruction Proposition 59, The Overturn Citizen's United Act.  Prop 59 will give Californians the means to 

instruct the US Congress to draft and pass and the CA Legislature to ratify

an amendment or amendments to the US Constitution to




Pledge to Vote YES on 59


The Santa Barbara chapter of MOVI was formed in August 2014, becoming the first MOVI chapter outside Los Angeles.  From August 2014 through July 2016 MOVI-Santa Barbara collected 1,392 petition signatures to "Overturn Citizens United".  Santa Barbara is a city that enjoys festivals, and MOVI-SB took full advantage of the festival schedule for our petitioning activities: Earth Day, I Madonnari (the Italian Festival), Solstice, the French Festival, the Greek Festival, the Jewish Festival, and finally the ten days of Santa Barbara Fiesta.  We were also very active in supporting the California Clean Money Campaign's various ballot initiatives to ensure accurate identification of the funders of political advertisements for candidates or ballot measures.  And now Santa Barbara is gearing up for the final push for "Proposition 59: Overturn Citizens United"!

Upcoming Events:


Past Events:


Meet, Greet & Collect Petitions at Earth Day


We are petitioning to re-instate the Overturn Citizens United Initiative (Prop 49) and also for the California DISCLOSE Act (AB700).  Come to Alameda Park on Saturday and Sunday (April 18 and 19). You will find our  Money OUT / Voters IN Booth in the "Public Square" between Sola & Micheltorena Streets

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Past and Continuing Events:

  •  Fifth Anniversary of the Citizens United decision:

  •  Movie: Legalize Democracy & Rep. Lois Capps Campaign Kickoff (August 24, 2014)

Movie: Legalize Democracy

Off to Rep. Lois Capps

  • Spirit of 76 Parade (July 4) was fun and good exposure for a broader audience.

  • "Koch Brothers Exposed" Santa Barbara Premiere (June 29) brought in 50 folks on a hot afternoon.

And more to come...



  • McCutcheon v FEC instant response and rally was held in De La Guerra Plaza, 5PM on the day of the decision


Contact us in Santa Barbara. Things are changing daily.

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  • A web site is very cool, with many neat things !! Curso Estudo e Memorização do blog das Amigas e Mulheres de Cristina Moraes auxilia na memorização das matérias estudadas!!
  • The Roadshow at UCLA on April 26 is a fantastic opportunity to learn and network. Lets encourage rideshares as much as possible.
  • Wonderful video by Lawrence Lessig!!
  • Get money out of politics!
  • Happy to be a founding member of the new Santa Barbara chapter, along with Mike, Amanda, Antonia, Laurence, Marika, Ted, Ayla, Marge, Gail, Joe from Ventura, Lloyd, Shonnie, Donn, Sue, J’e, Jan, Neal, Valerie, Marge, Tim, Steve, Gilbert, and the person I forgot.
  • Welcome to the team Neal!
  • Yay! Very happy to be involved with this movement.