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The Yes On 49 Committee is protesting the California Supreme Court's drastic move to deny voters the chance to speak about big money in politics and the Citizens United ruling.


On Wednesday at 12pm in Los Angeles, Sacramento & San Francisco a coalition that included MOVI, 99 Rise, Common Cause, The Courage CampaignDemocracy for America and The YES On Prop 49 Committee rose up in the middle of a weekday to call out the CA Supreme Court for its unconstitutional, undemocratic and nonsensical ruling that took Prop 49 off the ballot without a hearing.  An estimated 150 people participated, many traveling significant distances. Seven people submitted to arrest in a moving display of non-violent civil disobedience:  2 in Los Angeles, 2 in Sacramento, and 3 in San Francisco.  All have been released.  

Los Angeles Event: 

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Approximately 50 participants traveling from Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange Counties took part in the event.   





The rally took place in front of the Ronald Reagan State Office Building and then the group moved inside.  Protesters held up one index finger, the 99 Rise gesture symbolizing "one person, one vote." Then they began reciting the Prop 49 text in a call and response mode, quietly at first and growing louder.



The California Highway Patrol arrived an announced anyone who continued to protest verbally would be arrested.  Two of the protesters, Steve and Aaron, continued their recitation of Prop 49 while holding a flag between them while others stood silently in support. 

They were arrested, and detained for about 12 hours. 



San Francisco Event:

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At the San Francisco venue, the primary home of the CA Supremes, thousands of signatures from our Let the People Vote petitions were delivered along with over 500 individual letters gathered by Common Cause in a little over two days.  


Sacramento Event: 

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