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The leadership team of MOVI, Mary Beth Fielder, Michele Sutter, and Chip Travis met while working on the successful effort to pass Resolution 11-0002-S123 unanimously through the Los Angeles City Council in December of 2011, becoming the first major city in the country to pass a resolution calling on theĀ  Congress to draft, pass, and send to the states an amendment to the US Constitution declaring that money is not the same thing as free speech and that Corporations are not entitled to the constitutional rights and protections as natural persons.

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  • Is there an organization in the Bay Area, yet? I live in Oakland and would like to get involved.
  • I would like to be more actively involved as no issue matters more to America than overriding Citizens United (and Buckley v Valeo too, in my mind) and having publicly financed campaigns to have the government truly elected by the people and FOR the people. I have been involved in Lessig’s group Rootstrikers, and would like to be involved with your organization.

    It seems like there are not chapters in the SF Bay Area. I live in Redwood City (near Stanford, south of SF) and would like to help out and even be a MOVI speaker (as a former trial lawyer, I feel very comfortable speaking to audiences particularly about issues that matter to me).

    Love to hear back from one of you on the leadership team.

    Matthew Greenberg ( joined so you should be able to find my contact info)
  • This is a growing movement and I am happy to be contributing. Our work to get Prop C on the recent LA mayoral election ballot proved to be gratifyingly successful, as it passed! The citizens of Los Angeles went on record to wanting to overturn Citizens United. We are working on a CA state initiative to add the great state of California to the list of states who have also passed one. Join the movement! We are putting our words into action to renew democracy in our Democratic Republic.